Informationen für ausländische Gäste

Dear Guests from Abroad!

The »Saxon State Office for Environment, Agriculture and Geology« as the Fisheries Agency warmly welcomes you to Saxony.

Saxony is a small Federal State in Germany with a population of 4.6 Million and a total area of waterways covering approximately 32,000 hectares, of which around 20,000 hectares are fishing waters.

Nevertheless, you will find in our beautiful country every opportunity except deep-sea fishing, to pursue your wonderful hobby. Whether it is fishing for non-predacious fish such as the European roach, chub or carp, fly fishing for trout and grayling, or even the capture of such capital fish of prey as the pike, zander or sheathfish, Saxony offers you all the fishing opportunities you can think of.

The range of fishing waters includes brooks in the Central Mountains, large rivers and dams, huge artificial lakes and filled quarries as well as angling ponds in a countryside of lakes and ponds which is unique in Central Europe.

However, in Saxony as everywhere else in the world certain rules have to be complied with, the non-observance of which can become costly.

If you interested in more informations, please contact us.

(049) 035931 296-18.


Sächsisches Landesamt für Umwelt, Landwirtschaft und Geologie

Referat 76: Fischerei

Mathias Meyer (Staatliche Fischereiaufsicht)

Telefon: 035931 296-43

Telefax: 035931 296-11

E-Mail: Mathias.Meyer­@smekul.sachsen.de

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